google my business listing Dubai UAE

GMB Google My Business listing Dubai, UAE

Google’s local business directory is one of the best ways to attract the attention of local customers to increase sales of products and services. Google My Business is the best platform for the billions of online users to find the best product or service in their nearest area.

Benefits of (GMB) Google My Business Listing Dubai, UAE

Google is the most searched website and the most popular search engine in the world with over 3.5 billion searches per day. These searches include the people searching for businesses like yours that means a large audience can see and access your business profile.

More often you come into searches- higher the chances to grab the attention of the audience. GMB is the best and most practical way to get more attention for local businesses.

GMB Allows You to Appear in Maps snippets in Google Listings.

Whenever we search local keywords on google there is a small pack of 2-3 Businesses (According to the new update- Know all new GMB Updates) This small pack is called Local Pack or Google My Business (GMB) Pack. If you’re a local business, you must consider listing and ranking in this pack.

When we told our client to consider GMB listing and GMB SEO as a part of their marketing plan they said, “What’s the benefit of adding this? we already have a website and doing SEO on it.”

And my reply was pretty simple ” Hospital works in the local market and GMB conquers the local market in this online world. Trust me and add GMB listing & GMB Local SEO Services to your marketing plan.”

So, they did it. Within the time of 4 months, they were shocked with the results. Their business was grown by 112% and they made GMB, permanent part of their marketing plans.

Why does this tremendous growth happen?

This is because the Local pack always remain on the Local pack

This growth happened because the local pack always remains on the top of Google SERPs for the local keywords.

Note: Local keywords are mainly the keywords with the name of state or city for example: “best restaurant in Dubai”, “best pizza shop in Abu Dhabi ”, “coffee shop in Dubai” or when the keyword contains the term “near me” for example “Restaurant Near Me”.

Fact: Whenever people like you and me want to search any local place to visit and buy any product or service we always use such keywords.

Yes or No?

Of course, the answer is “YES”, Now just imagine these people with 80% buying intent finds your coffee shop in the first place in google local listing.

Will this grow your business?

If your answer is yes (You’re smart!) you must consider this amazing thing (Local Listing & Local SEO) in your Marketing Plan and your Marketing Budget.

Want to hire an agency to do it for you?

Google My Business Allows people to leave reviews on your business

Google My Business also allows your clients to leave feedback and reviews about your business. In Marketing terms, these reviews are called “Social Proof”. These reviews help you to gain trust in the people searching for businesses of your types

For Instance: Harsha is searching for “Makeup salon” and she finds the top 3 salons in local listings.

Now, these reviews help her in deciding which one to choose.

If your business listing has a good amount of positive reviews it will surely help you to get new clients.

According to a study by MOZ shows that online reviews account for 10% of search engine rankings.

Here are some facts to prove my point that you need reviews.

–        Many rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions. In fact, 93% of customers are influenced by online reviews. In other words, almost all of them.

–        That’s because these little blocks of text are testimonials from actual consumers who were not paid by the company to promote their product or service. Therefore, people find them more credible and many believe what they say.

–        More and more people are looking at customer reviews before choosing a local business. Since people like to read reviews, search engines use them to rank search results. If you use this GMB feature correctly, it can have a huge impact on your business.

–        Positive reviews are important. Not only do they improve your search engine rankings, but they also serve as free and reliable advertising for your products or services. For example, customers are more likely to try a product with many positive reviews than one with many criticisms.

–        It’s important to get positive reviews, but remember that even the best businesses get negative reviews. If this happens to you, handle it professionally.

Do not take these reviews personally. Instead, use them to improve your product or service. Negative reviews, when used properly, can provide useful information that will help your business move forward.

–        Reviews show what customers think about your business

–        Reviews give business owners insight into how customers view your brand. They tell you how consumers feel about your products or services, what strategies you should keep, things you need to change, or what areas you should improve in.

Good or Bad these reviews are the facts about what your customers are thinking about you.

These also serve as feedback for you to identify your mistakes and improve your business processes as per the need of your customers.

Final Piece of advice: Look at them logically and take them into consideration.

It provides helpful local insights about your business

This is what many of the businesses don’t know. Google My Business is not only the promotional tool that helps you in knowing your business better and provides you very useful insights about your business.

It also helps us to understand the market. How?

Google My Business comes with very powerful & Amazing features that provide accurate insights on important areas that assist you in crafting strategies and in making decisions for your business. This tool enables you to access stats and insights that can help determine what your audience is searching for and where they’re coming from.


GMB (Google My Business) can show you the number of views

that you’re getting on your business profile, photos, and posts. This analytics

is especially important when you want to verify the effectiveness of your


Whether SEO or Ad campaigns on which you are spending your marketing budget are working well and getting the attention that you want, or are doing nothing for your business.

Search Queries

GMB provides a report where you can learn and understand

how consumers are finding your business. It shows what people are searching or specifically

what keywords they write on google to find the businesses like yours.

Knowing the keywords which are relevant to your business’s

online presence can help you boost traffic, significantly. For example, you can dominate

relevant long-tail keywords to seriously increase clicks to your web pages. GMB search query analytics can provide this information.


This amazing tool (GMB) can show you just how your

audience is interacting with your posts and their responses. It enables you to look

into their minds and mine out the great pieces of information like what posts they share

and what types of comments they leave. This Analytics will let you know what

type of posts are liked or hated by your clients and what type of post you need

more to engage more with your clients and get more business.


GMB has a section that shows you the profile of people

following you. You’ll be able to know the age groups, gender, and even the countries

of your audience. These vital pieces of information are all you need when you’re

building a marketing strategy & campaign for your business.

Clicks on Website Link

Google My Business (GMB) can also show you the number of clicks on your

Website link.

The best thing is – It’s 110% Free

What if I suggest you an amazing software which can help you to boost your sales but at the same time the software is too costly and difficult to use

Will you buy it?

I guess “ NO” the simple reason will be if it is overly costly and difficult to use, it will be impractical to use it for your business

But you are lucky, This is not the case with Google My Business (GMB)

This amazing tool is very easy to use and 110% free. So, even startups with low budgets can utilize GMB to promote their businesses and get massive results.

Creating the profile can be done in a matter of hours and verification is done in just 12 Days (In India – the verification process may take different times in different countries). Once you’re live on Google my Business you’re ready to roll in the process of ranking it.

GMB (Google My Business) makes it easy for all local businesses like hospitals, clinics, Medical shops to promote their products and services online by increasing visibility and

improving ranking hence chances of showing up in search results.

Make sure you use the powers of Google My Business to boost your visibility and help your potential customers to find and contact you quickly.

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