5 Steps To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

5 Steps To Optimize Your IG Profile 2021

Engagement is more than counting your views or followers. It’s about measuring the interactions that your audience makes with your content. but before that you must know how to optimize your Instagram profile.

well here in this article I have prepared small steps to optimize your IG (Instagram) profile which will help you to grow your instream profile and more visible on IG search.

On Instagram, engagement is measured by a range of metrics such as:





Followers and growth

Mentions (tagged or untagged)

Branded hashtags



Why do we care about engagement? First of all, it means that your content is making an impact on your audience. (They like you, they really like you!)

Secondly, strong engagement is a key factor in Instagram’s algorithm. The higher the engagement, the more likely it is that the content will be boosted in the newsfeed, attracting more eyes and attention.

  • Profile Pic
  • Your profile is the first thing a visitor notices.
  • Make it clear and sharp!
  • If you are building your personal Brand so showing face is a must!

1. Your profile is the first thing visitors notice.

  • Public (Not Private) Profile

By default, your Instagram profile will be public — meaning anyone in the world can view your profile and posts on Instagram.

2. Make it clear and sharp!

1. From your Instagram profile tap Edit Profile.

2. Under your current photo, tap Change Profile Photo.

3. Choose from the following options: Import from Facebook, Take Photo, Choose from Library. If you are using a desktop computer, your only option will be to upload a photo from your photo library.

4. The photo you have chosen will appear in a circle on your screen. You can use your fingers to zoom in on the photo or to drag it around until you’re happy with the position.

5. Once you’re ready with your photo, tap Done.

3. If you are building your personal Brand so showing face is a must!


I can’t even count how many photographers I’ve unfollowed on Instagram because I don’t even know who they are. Not because their work isn’t beautiful (it probably is!), but because I don’t recognize them.

Seriously. Without having personal branding, nothing set them apart from the hundreds of thousands of other photographers on the platform.

3. Username Optimize

  • Your username is the things that Pop out on the Hashtags, explore and S4U section.
  • Make it clear and easy to understand.
  • Don’t Use Fancy Signs and characters in your username.
  • Make it clear and easy to understand.

How, oh how, do I create great Instagram content without spending HOURS on it? It’s a struggle many Instagrammers will understand.

For some, writing comes easy, and taking or selecting the right imagery is a struggle. For others, it’s the other way around. And then there’s the lucky few who are a dab hand at both.

But no matter where your skills lie, every Instagrammer wishes they knew the secret to (consistently) creating great Instagram content in less time.

  • Don’t Use Fancy Signs and characters in your username.

The name that you use on Instagram needs to be the same that you use elsewhere online. Being consistent will help people to find you on the various social platforms you use.

Many users quite often like to automate their social media accounts which means captions written on Instagram are usually transposed to the likes of Twitter and Facebook automatically. If you have the same “@Username” everywhere then you guarantee that if someone mentions you in a post you’ll always be easy to be found.

4. Bio Optimize

Your bio Helps a new visitor why they should follow you!

With all the talk about social media algorithms and figuring out how to grow your account, we haven’t chatted about some “back to basics” topics like the importance of a good social media bio and profile picture.

In this post, we’ll go over what key elements you need for a bio that attracts followers, and will help you stand out from your competition.

  • It indicates what you do and what you have done in past!

Instagram is a free social media platform for sharing photos and videos.

Since its launch, Instagram has become a popular way to connect with brands, celebrities, thought leaders, friends, family, and more.

From short-form videos to live streaming, Instagram has a vast array of features that we’ll outline below.

  • So optimize your bio and be clear with your terms!

Creating an interesting and creative Instagram bio that grabs your audience’s attention should be a key priority for all brands and influencers.

The best Instagram bios will showcase your brand’s personality, promote your business, and convince people to follow you.

In this article, we will consider the key elements you need to create the best Instagram bio for your brand. So here’s how to make the perfect professional Instagram bio.

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