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Reputation Management
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Happy Customers Giving 5 & 4 Stars Sent to Google
Women is sad by negative reviews of people
Unhappy Customers Will Not Be Sent to Google & redirected to you with their email , mobile number!
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Get Custom Made QR Codes & Links stands

Unlock Business Growth with 5-Star Google Reviews and Shield Against Reputation Risks

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What You Can Get Here

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Some Decision Making Insights

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customers today read reviews online.
0 %
customers say they trust a business more if they see it has positive reviews
0 %
customers say that they will not consider businesses that have a overall rating or 1 or 2 stars

Some Customer Behaviour Insights

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get to know about a new product they want to buy by reading reviews
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consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from their friends or relatives
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customers say that online reviews directly had an impacted on their purchase decision

How it Works?

Happy Customers – When a customer gives 5 Stars they will be asked to leave their review on Google

ORM software process when review is 5 star

Unhappy Customers – When a customer gives 1, 2 or 3 Stars they will not be sent to Google and their feedback will be privately sent to you

ORM software process when review is 2 star